Kids might not have
their own personal
lap tops, but tech
savy kids everywhere
shared their PC pride
with this fun
Write-On Tee.


Whether it’s a birthday party or Bar Mitzvah, the Write On tee is the perfect interactive party favor. Let kids show off their creative
side time and time again.


Sorority girls keep it
cute and classy by
using Write-On Tees
for all their events.
Show off your letters
with your own
personal style!



Westfield Malls turned the Write On concept into a great charity give-a-way. Kids who donated a pair of pajamas were rewarded with this creative way to get into the Holiday Spirit!







With this creative give-a-way, TriStar Pictures promoted their film,

Planet 51; allowing kids to come up with their own
interpretation of aliens look like.







Catch people’s eyes again and again with this unique and colorful promotion. Perfect for kids and the young at heart. Decorate with washable markers then wash the garment for a new blank canvas!